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For loading and caring for your old boomer, and for other Old Guns Info, check out the “Links We Like” Page… There’s loads of Firearms related news, information, and just plain good reading on these pages.

As for ordering, find what you need from “Oldyoti’s Products Page”. then, send me an e-mail or give me a call with your request. Due to model variations and shipping costs one price does not fit all, please contact me before ordering. Contact me by email at  or call at 720-291-2747.  When calling please leave a message. I cannot return calls from outside the USA,  so keep trying or leave an email address in your message..

NOTE: Our products are hand made by one guy, me… I have no “staff” so… Please be patient, there may be a back-log or other problems holding up delivery of your order in which case, I will contact you..

Thank you so much for your interest! – Coyoté

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