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1871 Mk III Snider-Enfield “Sporter”


What follows is a listing of items that we have available for the Martini Henry, the Snider Enfield, and the Enfield muzzle loading rifles.


(L to R) .577 Snider-Enfield and 577/450 Martini-Henry, both are Boxer primed; 11.15x58Rmm Austrian Werndl, Boxer primed; 12.17x44Rmm Swedish, Boxer primed; 10.4x38Rmm (.41 Swiss) Boxer primed.

All of our brass is high quality DRAWN cartridge brass and is priced at $71.00 U.S. per 20. It is sized and ready to load. Mix and match IS allowed.


Coyote Bullet Mould and Bullets

Click here for a bigger pic!

All moulds are $80..00 U.S., complete with handles, prepped and ready to go.

Martini Moulds

  • 462/460-FB…ZAR, #2 Musket, Nepalese W-R
  • 470/500-FB…Mk IV long lever Military Martini-Henry [discontinued]
  • 470/500GG-FB…Original Military profile Martini-Henry [*]
  • 467/420GG-FB… Military Martini-Henry Carbine [*]
  • 455/420-PP… Military Martini Henry Carbine [discontinued]
  • 455/480-PP… Military Martini Henry Rifles [discontinued]
  •  ( [ * ] – Out of stock )

(L to R:) .470/420-FB Martini-Henry Carbine; .470/500GG-FB Martini-Henry rifles; .455/420-PP Martini-Henry Carbine; .455/480-PP Martini-Henry rifles; .462/460FN ZAR/#2 Musket; .470/500-FB Martini(s) with modern fast-twist barrels.

(L) 455/480PP; (R) 455/420PP Paper-Patch bullets for both the Martini-Henry rifle and carbine.

Snider-Enfield and Pattern Enfield Moulds

  • 590/620-FB-SS for the modern fast-twist .590 [discontinued]
  • 590/430HB “Mini-Hunter” for the Snider-Enfield Rifle, all twists
  • 590/455DB “Mini-Hunter” for the Snider-Enfield Rifle, all twists
  • 590/430 SWC for the Snider-Enfield Rifle, all twists
  • 590/430-RN-FB for the Snider-Enfield Rifle, all twists [ discontinued ]
  • 590/310-RB for the Snider-Enfield Rifle, all twists
  • 577/460-HB for P-53 Enfields and .58 Muzzle-Loading Rifles [*]
  • 577/400-HB “Hunter” .577 P-53 Enfield and .58 M.L. Rifles [*]
  • 577/385-HB SWC .577 P-53 Enfield and .58 M.L. Rifles [*]
  • Snider and Enfield Pritchett-Bullet Base Plug Mould
  •  ( [*] Out of stock )

(L to R:) (1) .590/620-FB-SS for the modern fast-twist .590 “Super-Sniders”; (2) .590/430HB “Mini-Hunter” and .590/455DB “Mini-Hunter” (same profile, different base); (3) .590/430SWC; (4) .590/430RN-FB; (5) .590/310RB for all twists.

A couple of Base Plug Moulds, a few base plugs, and a couple of fitted slugs.


1 1/4″ x 12 – 577/450 Martini-Henry reloading die set w/shell holder, with either .465″ or .470″ neck expander.”

  • Snider and Enfield Prichett-Bullet Base Plugs……..$20.00/100
  • Snider and Enfield Base Plug Mould………………….$75.00
  • Bullet Sizing Dies .465″, or .470″……………………….$50.00
  • The “Universal Priming Die” with shell holder……….$56.00 [discontinued]
  • Reloading dies, 577/450, .465″ & .470″ 3 die set….$143.00
  • Reloading dies, 577 Snider, .590″ 3 die set………….$143.00
  • Neck expander, either .465″ or .470″………………..$30.00/each
  • Wad Cutters, .40, .45, .50, .58, .72 caliber…………$20.00/each [*]
  • Wad Cutter set of 5…………………………………………$80.00 [*]
  •  ( [*] Out of stock )

Wad cutters for black powder cartridges, (L to R): .72, .58, .50, .45, and .40 caliber. They are available individually, or as a set.

Allow three to four weeks for delivery on in stock items from the time I receive your payment, or as otherwise determined by e-mail at the time of the order.



“The Other Ol’ Boomers”

In addition to the items offered above for the old British rifles, we also have brass, moulds, and dies for several other 19th century military and sporting rifles from all over the world.

Model 1867 Swiss Peabody chambered in .41 Swiss, (10.4x38Rmm).


All brass is unprimed, fully formed, sized ,and ready to load, the price is $65.00 USD per 20.

  • .41 Swiss Peabody/Vetterli (10.4x38Rmm)–Boxer
  • 11.15x58Rmm Austrian Werndl–Boxer
  • 11.15 Mauser–Boxer [ * ]
  • 12.17x44Rmm Swedish Rolling Block–Boxer [ * ]
  •  ( [ * ] – Out of stock )


All moulds are prepped, tested,and ready to GO, with the last test bullet still in the cavity for your inspection. The price is $80.00 USD.

  • .430-.421/313DB-Heeled .41 Swiss
  • .446/370HB Austrian Werndl [ * ]
  • .462/430FN-HB 11.7x51Rmm Danish Rolling Block (not pictured) [ * ]
  • 12.17 x 44Rmm Swedish Rolling Block [ * ]
  • ( [ * ] – Out of stock )

(L to R:) 10.4 x 38Rmm Swiss;11.15 x 58Rmm Werndl; 12.17 x 44Rmm Swedish Rolling Block.[ the Werndl and swedish are out of stock]


All reloading dies are 3 die sets designed for lead bullets, they include a full length sizing die, mouth flaring die, and a bullet seating die… all sets include a shell holder. The price is $98.00 USD per set.

  • .41 Swiss Peabody/Vetterli
  • 11.15x58Rmm Austrian Werndl [ Out of stock]
  • 11.15 M-71/84 Mauser [Out of stock]
  • 12.17x44Rmm Swedish Rolling Block [Out of stock]

Allow two weeks for delivery on in stock items from the time I receive your payment, or as otherwise determined by e-mail at the time of the order.


The .41 Swiss Deal! …. twenty .41 Swiss cases, one .421-.430/313DB-Heeled dish-base bullet mould, and a 3-die set of .41 Swiss reloading dies, including the shell holder. The price for the Swiss package is $215.00 USD plus shipping.

This is what you get…minus the lead, of course.

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