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“Talkin’ Old Guns”

Coyote’s Radio Show Archives

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A bit of a “back story’ is needed here to bring folks up to speed on what this whole radio-show thing is all about. Back in mid 1999 a bunch of guys from around the world, who were into obscure European and British 19th century military rifles, particularly, the Martini-Henry rifles and carbines, began meeting and discussing these Arms on a back page of a website called gunandknife.com — the page was titled “The Martini Henry Forum.”

One of the players there was an Arms expert and machinist from North Devon England named James Goodwin. For years, his cottage industry, NDFS, (North Devon Firearms Supply) had been making equipment for folks world wide who desired to shoot these old rifles, many of which hadn’t had ammo made for them in over 100 years.

In June of 2001, James was fraudulently arrested by Her Majesty’s Customs for “illegal Arms exportation.” Quickly, the world-wide internet streaming and screaming commenced.


Talkin’ Old Guns Radio Shows Numbers 1 thru 11

Radio Show #1 – June 23, 2001: The program has no name at this point… we’re making it up as we go. The producer, Bob Heckler, coaxed me along in my first attempt at talk radio. The reason for the show’s creation is to raise awareness among shooters to the plight of one of our own, James Goodwin. He was arrested by Her Majesty’s Customs for exporting .577/450 cartridge cases, and dies to the US for the antique Martini-Henry used by the *Gordon’s Relief* reenactors in Arizona. Callers today included Gert in Belgium, Barry in New Zealand, and Michael in New Hampshire.

Radio Show #2 – June 30, 2001: Still the “No Name Radio Show.” We continue the “on air auction” to raise money for the “James Goodwin Legal Defense Fund” (JGLDF). I explain, (well, sorta), the Cream o’ Wheat load, while waiting for Irish Mick to find a phone at the gun show he was attending there in the Arizona Territory, to discuss the L.o.C. Michael McComas called in from the N.S.S.A. Carbine Shoot and 4th of July celebration with a report. And Martin Higham called  from “Jolly ol’ England” with a James Goodwin update.

Radio Show #3 – July 7, 2001: “The Politics and Old Guns Show”??? Nah…too long. I started out show #3 ranting about the political “garbage” surrounding the arrest of James Goodwin. Then I talked a bit about a thread on the chat concerning the .40/90 What Cheer and Enfield Martini .402 cartridges and their similarity. Michael in New Hampshire called in with a Cream o’ Wheat. question. Barry in New Zealand donated a little “pieces and parts” Martini .303 *Pig Gun* to the auction… Gert in Belgium called in with a Farquaharson question, and we talked to the end of the show about the W-R ZAR Martini… I lost track of time… do it a lot in the early programs.

Radio Show #4 – July 14, 2001: “Politics and Old Guns”??? Nope… still not right…I started the show by updating the Goodwin situation…The temperature in the broadcast “shack” was 95+ degrees and I was sweating all over my notes, (that was a hot July). The producer reigned me in a bit, it was obvious I was having a bit of “Mike Freight” (chuckle). But I settled down with a discussion of Henry O. Peabody’s Rifle. The call from Michael in New Hampshire helped as we talked about the new reduced capacity .577/450 cases coming out of South Africa. Mike took on the assignment of finding the location in the Providence R.I. area of the “long gone” *What Cheer* shooting range… Probably a hotel parking lot or part of the airport there, would be my guess…

Radio Show #5 – July 21, 2001: “Old Guns and Politics”??? No, still needs work…We moved the broadcast stuff to the shop at Moms Old guns, where the range is. A thunderstorm the night before took down the phone service for what ended up being three days in rural Sedalia…So, I broadcast via my cell phone…turned out to be a stoke of providence as we later discovered. It had been almost 2 months since James Goodwin had been arrested. He *still* had not been charged. However, our phone and e-mail campaign, blasting British Customs, seemed to be working and James’ spirits were high. Irish Mick called in and donated a new reproduction model 1863 Remington (Zouave) rifle for auction, and we talked a while…

Radio Show #6 – July 28, 2001: This show was lost in the mail…the tape never made it to Sedalia from WXBH in New york. Can’t tell you what went on that day…The “JGLDF auction” was moving heavily at that time though. No doubt I was jaw-jackin’ big time.

Radio Show #7 – August 4, 2001: “TALKIN’ OLD GUNS”!!! Yes!! that’s it, that’s the ticket!! Using the cell phone 2 weeks before gave me an idea. “Lets do a LIVE range report!” … “An *on the air* “Live Fire” range report!” Sooo…down we went to “the shores of beautiful Plum Creek in the shadow of Sleeping Indian Mountain…” to the Sedalia *What Cheer* shootin’ range, with my 1879 MK-I Martini-Henry Cavalry Carbine, Mom, Amber, the target, and my cell phone. Mom voiced the “shot by shot.” The producer kept us on track, and when the last shot was fired, Clyde in Deep East Texas called and we chatted about Martini carbines and other things…a good time was had by all…

Radio Show #8 – “Talkin’ Old Guns” – August 11, 2001:…Today was our second “live fire” outing. On the table was to test fire the sporterized Snider Enfield Mk-III we received from Bill in Oregon. This week I had installed a nice little hands free ear piece and microphone to my cell phone, hooked to my belt. I was in my element, I could *jack my jaw* and squeeze the trigger at the same time… Oh, Joy! Gert called in, and we discussed the Snider-Enfield in general, and how this sportered Mk-III performed.

Radio Show #9 – “Talkin’ Old Guns” – August 18, 2001: “Talkin’ Old guns”, was the order of the day, as I took a break from the range to speak a bit about *old boomers*, our new snider web site, and a James Goodwin update. Gert in Belgium called in with a range report on the first shooting of his newly acquired Westley Richards/ Francotte ZAR Martini. Michael in New Hampshire called in from south of Albany N.Y. with a range report from the N.S.S.A gathering, skirmish, and shoot there.

Radio Show #10 – “Talkin’ Old Guns” – August 25, 2001: “Talkin’, and Shootin’ Old Guns” was on the bill today, so down to the Sedalia *What Cheer* shootin’ range to commemorate the debut of the new ‘Snider Enfield Forum’ on the Gun & Knife chat site. The rifle of the day was my Mk III Snider Trade Pattern fast twist Short Rifle made by P. Webley & Son of Birmingham. The chat runs the gambit…Sniders, Magtech brass, and the Remington Rolling Block.

Radio Show #11 – “Talkin’ Old Guns” – September 1, 2001: Talkin’ Old Guns…Shoots Michael McComas’ Martini Enfield “pig gun”. We had determined the shoot-ability of the little M.E. carbine that Mike had high bid on, that Barry Iacoppi had donated to the cause. Today we’re gonna fire the little rascal. The test was with the new smokeless Czech ammo. Gert called in and we discussed the original .303 loading and some other things as well.


Talkin’ Old Guns Radio Shows Numbers 12 thru 19

Now for shows, #12 thru #19, plus some…”Uh” edits. The new shows include more live range reports from the Sedalia “What Cheer” shooting range, including visits from Keith Doyon and many of his broad collection of old rifles for us to shoot, and talk about… Give the shows a listen!

2 Minutes of Uh’s

Radio Show #12 – “Talkin’ Old Guns” – September 8, 2001: “Nasty Weather” — A freak *winter* storm kept us off the range today –but– our friend, Keith Doyon of www.militaryrifles.com called in from Colorado Springs and we had a “chat fest” instead, on everything from the Majuba Martini, the Nepalese Peabody, the Austrian Werndl to the Austrian Werder.  The Westley Richards ZAR, and the French Tabatiere closed out the show. OH! Such fun!

Radio Show #13 – “Talkin’ Old Guns” – September 15, 2001: “The Martini-Variant Shootin’ Fest” — With special guest shooter, Keith Doyon who brings along his collection of Martini variants: a MKIV Martini-Henry, his Westley Richards ZAR, and his “Nepalese Peabody/Westley Richards”. We loaded up plenty of .577/.450, since all are chambered for it, using various bullets, powders, and primers. We forded beautiful Plum Creek to the Sedalia “What-Cheer” Shooting Range using two cell-phones, Mom, snapped pics, Amber drew the targets, and away we went. What cheer!

Radio Show #14 – “Talkin’ Old Guns” – September 22, 2001: “Happy Birthday Snidey: 135 Years Old and Still Shootin’ ” — From the Sedalia “What Cheer” Shootin’ Range we celebrate by shooting both my P. Webley trade-pattern 2-band and my 1871 MK-III sporterized Sniders. I give a running Snider history and a quasi-tech lesson on a Snider Deer load. We were testing the new 400-grain Hunter and Carbine bullet. The slow-twist really liked it, and the fast-twist liked it too.

Radio Show #15 – “Talkin’ Old Guns” – September 29, 2001: The “Coyote and Keith Show — Werndl? Did Someone Say ‘Werndl’ ” — Once again, Keith Doyan joins us at the Sedalia “What Cheer” Shootin’ Range. This time it’s an Austrian Werndl Fest! Keith relates the history of the two beautiful rifles he brought along for the event, a pristine Model 67/77, and a nice little Model 73/77. After months of on-air trying, Coyote finally hits the Bull-Fly! Much fun was had by all.

Radio Show #16 – “Talkin’ Old Guns” – October 6, 2001: “The Robert Jones Martini (or) Coyote’s Favorite ‘Fishin’ Rod’ ” — The Model 1877 MK II action with the Bison barrel in .225 Winchester mated with a couple of chunks of beautiful American Walnut burl, mounted with a 4-12×40 scope (that was needing to be sighted in) on a target that was drawn by our daughter Amber, depicting the “bits of legislation” in the wake of “9/11”, that she calls, “The Turn America into a Police State Bills”, (or), “How the Government uses the Tragic Attacks to Limit America’s Liberty”. Gert called in and we talk about small-bore Martinis and other stuff.

Radio Show #17 – “Talkin’ Old Guns” – October 13, 2001: “The Wind Blows in Sedalia” — No shootin’ today, as the tin roof atop the shop at Mom’s Old Guns wings its way towards Kansas. So…we engage in a little chat about the long-range muzzle loading shoot going on that day in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Our friend Colin in Ottawa posted a 9-part thread on the chat called, “Loading By 6-Year Old”. His daughter, Donna, is shown loading the .577 Snider, “cheap and dirty.” I discuss the fine art of reloading the Snider without dies and end up in a rant on “the Oath of Office”. There’s a lot in here.

Radio Show #18  – “Talkin’ Old Guns” – October 20, 2001: “My 40-Year-Old High School Shop Project Still Shoots” — Try to get away with that in school, *THESE* days! Built during the 1964-65 school year as a shop project, patterned after an 1836 Remington Percussion Rifle. This “Squirrel Gun” got me an “A” in Shop…(chuckle)…. Today we shot it at the Sedalia “What Cheer” Shootin’ Range. After the smoke clears, back at the shop, I talk more old guns, the meaning of “Domestic Violence”, and “9/11”.

Radio Show #19  – “Talkin’ Old Guns” – October 27, 2001: “Coyote Shoots the reproduction J.P. Murray Confederate Carbine.” — Tongue deeply embedded in cheek… From the very first shot it was obvious that almost every mishap that can befall the muzzle-stuffer shooter, happened! An instructive program on shooting your muzzle-loader, on this 138th Anniversary of the Civil War Battle of Brown’s Ferry. The Murray Rifles and Carbines began production on October 1st 1863 and continued until November 1864… J. P. Murray was the master armorer at the new Greenwood and Gray Arms Factory in Columbus, Georgia. A total of 262  rifles and 73 carbines were produced there. Original J.P. Murrays are rare…

Thanks Jason Atkin, aka, “Longlever” at www.martinihenry.com, for all his work transforming the first 18 shows from raw cassette tape to edited MP3 format. Thanks Longlever!

Next? Radio Show #20 – November 3, 2001: “Coyote Tries Paper Patching” — (Chuckle!) Stay tuned for details! (44 more shows to go…)

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